Special V. I. P. offers


  • You are a V. I. P. to us, so that's why we have a tailor made V. I. P. offer for you! We offer V. I. P. guided tours in English or any other language of Your choice.

    V. I. P. offer is about you and how you wish to experience the city of your choice. You decide how much you wish to see, how fast and when, you decide the day and if you wish to enjoy your V. I. P. guided tour alone or with your friends and family. You decide everything except the history facts you are going to hear about.

    Imagine having your own personal tour guide for a day. No fuss, no crowd, you get all the details all the time. That is the luxury you deserve. Contact Us!
  • Prior to the guided tour day, we meet and talk about all the details of the tour. If you wish, you can also let us decide, You won’t be disappointed!

    Tips about good restaurants, shops and other points of interest are also part of the meeting. You are the center of our attention 100% of the time!

    Museums tickets, boat, car fairs and other means of transportation, are not included in the price but upon your request, we can provide that service as well.

Featured V. I. P. offers

We also offer a whole day trips to i.e Venice (Italy), Plitvice lakes, Zagreb, DC of Croatia, Split, Dubrovnik, or any other city in Croatia. Other Istrian cities in proximity of Pula such as: Rovinj, Poreč, Hum, Pazin, Motovun etc.. are half day trips. If you wish to fly around the Pula area, we also provide guided flights.

On a whole day trip, we usually depart 07:00 hours and are back on your destination during the Evening. On half-day trips, we return to your destination during the afternoon. Busses we use are between 0-3 years old; all equipped with air condition and all the EU safety measures a public transportation must have. For half and whole day trips, please contact us 3-4 weeks prior to the excursion you wish to purchase. Any bookings made for half or whole day excursions are nonrefundable, as we have to pay for transportation costs in advance.

We currently offer whole day excursions to Plitvice lakes and Zagreb (capital of Croatia) and half day excursions to Rovinj, Lim Fjord, Poreč, Pazin, Hum and any other location in Istria.. Excursions to Split and Dubrovnik can be arranged but due to the distance, those excursions are min. two-day excursions and are to be booked min. 45 days prior to departure as the hotel rooms have to be booked. Any bookings made for those excursions are non refundable as we have to pay for transportation and hotel in advance.


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