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    Batia P. (NYC, USA)


  • I am the president of an USA agency running luxury trips for 30 years. I work with special groups, and I accompany the VIP groups throughout the world. I am known as a demanding person, but here I did not have to ask or do anything. Zoran our guide, could not have been better and he knew his job and went out of his way to show us the best part of his country and to regal us with wonderful stories and tidbits. One can see, that he loves his job, he loves people and loves to help. He loves challenges and takes them in stride. He does not count his working  hours, and will go out of his way to please people. He has what it takes to be an excellent guide. I would recommend him to guide anyone  who wants to learn and enjoy traveling. We will use him again!!! Thank you for being such a dedicated tour guide. Istria came a live thanks to you. You are a hard worker and willing to go the extra mile to make people happy, and we all appreciated it. June 2013
  • George J. (NYC, USA) (photo bluerred on purpose)


  • "We were recently on tour with a small group of 15 friends in Berlin and Croatia. We visited Istria in the north of Croatia and were fortunate to have Zoran as our guide. As soon as we emerged from our flight from Germany and were greeted by him, we knew we were in for a treat. He immediately organized us and we were on our tour bus heading for the sites. He told us our itinerary and added he would have some special additions for us. He did not let us down! His knowledge of the history and culture could not have been more thorough. He laced the historic facts with interesting anecdotes about the area and the Croatian people in perfect English. Our group asked many questions and Zoran had the answers. We visited some places the average tourist would never find such as an artist’s home filled with fabulous artwork. He also led us to restaurants that highlighted wonderful Croatian cooking.  My wife and I have had many guides all over the world and I can state with confidence Zoran is right at the top of the list. I think our entire group would agree wholeheartedly with this.   
    May 2013
    George B. MD. opt. (NYC, USA)


  • "Many thanks for making our trip to Croatia an amazing experience.
    Your knowledge of History made me feal as if I was being guided by a true professional; but what made this trip special was your sence of humor that kept us laughing throught the trip. Thanks again for a great time.
    " May, 2013
  • Morty B. MD (NYC, USA)


  • "You made everything interesting for us - your country is beautiful to see but the history and the stories that you told made the trip fantastic.
    We have had many guides on many trips but very few were able to put their knowledge and their personalities to good use.
    You combined both and taught us a lot about a country whose history is not well known in USA, yet you had us laughing and warming up to you."
    May 2013
  • Hansi F. ( Republic South Africa)hansi

  • My wife and I just returned from one of the best vacations we ever had. We bought our own tickets from Johannesburg but apartment rental and excursions wore arranged through ViaKon agency and they did a superb job and made every moment of our trip special and memorable. We'd like to recommend the wonderful Plitvice lakes which are a MUST when you are in Croatia. For the price of 79,- €uro pr. person (less than 65,- £) we got, all inclusive, a ride in a new Mercedes coach, entry tickets to National Park “Plitvice” and 2 course lunch menu with fish, meat or vegetarian dish. Entry tickets for the park, alone cost 15,- €/12,- £, and the lunch couldn’t have been the cheapest if we judge by the good quality. It was a fantastic excursion and Søren’s experience, knowledge, passion, attention to detail, and never-ending humor shined through each day of our journey, and we cannot thank him and ViaKon agency enough for the efforts." June 2012
  • Dilip S., Bombay (India)


  • “I came to Pula from a cruiser in Dubrovnik, for a 2 day visit just to see Pula and Rovinj". Søren gave me a V.I.P. sightseeing tour. It was something special to have my own guide that gave all his attention to me so I could hear every word he said. I had a lot of questions and there was plenty of time for that too. We have allready made the booking for next summer and we can hardly wait. Thanks to "Viakon" for making our stay in Pula such a wonderfull time". July 2012
    Edie N. (NYC, USA)


  • "Just returned from a fabulous trip to Croatia .
    Our Guide Zoran, truly added to our enjoyment of the trip. His knowledge of history, past and present made, all we saw come alive. Excellent command of the English language and his animated and friendly demeanor added to our enjoyment. His sincere effort to learn about Jewish life in Croatia were very endearing to me.
    I enjoyed his daily surprises (out of program sights) and all the effort he made to make the trip truly memorable. In addition to all the sights we saw I loved the food. Every meal was delicious. Thank you also for buying Chocolate for those of us who couldn't live without it.
    Istria a place and guide I will never forget.
    I would recommend Zoran to anyone thinking of visiting Istria."
    May 2013
  • Anita P. (NYC, USA)anita
  • “The café life is thriving in Croatia, and the coffee is good, city centers were car free allowing the cafés to take over the center of the streets. Wonderful bakeries on nearly every street, - and it is totally acceptable to bring your croissant or cake into the café and enjoy it with your coffee or tea...” New York City 2011

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  • Joanna R. (Rome, Italy)judith

  • I am from Rome and was borne in Toscana so I know what beautiful nature and a lot of history means, but Pula, Rovinj and rest of the Istria took me completely by surprise. We took ViaKon excursion from Pula to Rovinj, Porec and Hum (smallest city in the World) and one, amazing scenery, after another was reviling itself  before our eyes. I don’t think that Croats knows how beautiful their country is. People are so friendly, everything is clean and much cheaper than in Italy so we will come back in June of 2013, we already booked one of the ViaKon apartments in Premantura. Thanks for everything."
  • Judy H. (Sidney, Australia)joanna

  • "The excursions to fantastic Plitvice lakes and the sightseeings of Pula, Rovinj and Porec was out of this world. Our ViaKon guide (Søren) was absolutely outstanding and most probably the best we ever experienced in more than 20 years of travel. The guide had a thorough knowledge of Croatia and world history. Hiis English was excellent and he was great fun to be with. Also in a more difficult situations he was always very concerned about the passengers and took good care of us. We believe it will be difficult to find another guide in Croatia with identical qualifications and we were very pleased that he led our tour."