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  • Fažana 27.04 & 15.09.2013 Small fishing academy Pilchard 
    You don’t need to pass an entry test to enrol at the Sardine Academy in Fažana. All you need is a sound appetite and a desire for new gastronomic experiences. A stroll down the Pilchards’ road will take you to restaurants and cellars that will introduce you to over a hundred ways of preparing this oily fish. During the month of May you can also partake in the special Fažana School of Pilchard pickling, and learn everything about packing fish into tins, about condiments and oils. With this kind of know-how you will be a welcome guest at whichever Pilchards’ Festival along the Adriatic coast you may happen upon.  ... More
  • Pula 13 - 15 June 2013, Superiorum
    The people of Pula are rightfully proud of their glorious Roman history. Magnificent edifices preserved from ancient times amaze guests from all over the world. However, it is especially interesting to visit Pula at times when scenes from ancient history walk the streets right in front of our eyes. For a few days, the streets of Pula are turned into a stage of the picturesque Roman theatre - the centre of ancient tragedies and comedies. The Arena remembers its days of glory when gladiators fought within its stone walls. Beautiful women wearing dresses and hairstyles of those ancient times, historical spectacles of sound and light leave us breathless at almost every corner, while Roman feasts and the indigenous Istrian mouth-watering specialties refresh our palate. To put it into a nutshell - in May all roads lead to Pula. 
  • Rovinj, 05 July 2013 Evenings of the Fishermans tradition in Rovinj.
    The town of Rovinj remembers the tradition of its elders. Notably, it was not all that long ago that life in Rovinj was inconceivable without batana – a local type of boat which became famous throughout the world. To feed their families, the fishermen sailed their batanas out at dawn and returned in the evening with their catch. Evenings of the Fishermen Tradition is a manifestation which celebrates not only the old customs but also the building of a batana, the launch of which attracts the entire town to the port. Come and be a part of the revival of the traditions that are a part of the people of this beautiful town.  
  • 10. August, 2013 Night of St. Lawrence
    On the night of August 13th, trails of numerous comets streak across the sky. As this day is also the feast of St. Lawrence, this celestial phenomenon became known among the people as the tears of St. Lawrence. To make the experience of the sky criss-crossed with falling stars still more special, the public lighting on the Rovinj water front is turned off so as to allow the stars to shine still brighter. The catering establishments also turn off their lights, making their premises romantic, and creating an atmosphere which imbues one’s soul and relaxes just about everyone.  
  • 07.09 - 03.11.2013 Days of Truffles
    No true gourmet in the world should regard her or himself as such if, at least once in their life, they have not wanted to taste truffles - the gourmet crown jewel of Istria. Truffles, these odd looking mushrooms that grow underground, are a trademark of Istria. Come autumn, however, the whole of Istria celebrates the Days of Truffles which provide the opportunity for all to savour the wealth of truffles in every possible combination of flavours and to learn about the wonder of truffles. Come and taste for yourself.  
  • 27 - 29.09.2013  MTB Parenzana
    OL Istria MTB Tour – Parenzana Cannondale.Parenzana was once a narrow-gauge railroad which, going deep into the Istrian peninsula, from Poreč to Trst, provided a link for 33 Istrian towns. Today, its former track is the venue for a marathon cycling race which, due to the beauty and picturesque quality of its surroundings, has been included in the calendar of the World Cycling Association. Parenzana is a superb sporting event, one which sports enthusiasts should not miss. 

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  • Croatian Auto Club launches smart phone application in EN, DE & IT

    Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) has launched a "smart" phone application intended for tourists. The free application "Croatia Traffic Info" is available in English, German, Italian and Croatian. The application gives you quick access to useful information, such as road conditions, border crossings and ferry ports, traffic forecast, viewing live images from more than 150 cameras located on major roads in the country, urgent service contacts, an overview of current fuel prices, etc. In case of need for a road assistance it will be easy to reach HAK. Read more.

  • Pula - the perfect way to spend a weekend in this jewel of the Adriatic

    January 2013: TNT Magazine of London UK wrote: "Weekender: Pula - the perfect way to spend a weekend in this jewel of the Adriatic . Croatia is the sun-seekers’ paradise of Europe, most famous for beaches, bars and bygone times. Make the most of your first day by heading off early to the City Farmers’ Market (on the corner of Smareglina Ulica and Narodni Trg) for some fresh bread and fruit...Read the rest of the article her.

  • rovinjSAS opens new direct routes to Pula

    From June to August 2013 SAS will fly directly from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo to Pula. More precisely: From Copenhagen to Pula every Tuesday from June 25th – August 13th, from Stockholm to Pula from June 22th – August 17th every Saturday and from Oslo to Pula, every Wedensday starting from June 26th – August 7th. From June 2 to September 1 there will be flights from the Finnish capital Helsinki on Saturday, and from July 2 to August 6 on Monday as well. Tickets will be available starting November 26.

  • sunThe Sun Monday, January 07.2013: Outlook Festival in August in Pula

    Pula’s ancient treasures include an impressive Roman amphitheatre that now plays host to the city’s film festival every July. The city’s gates, walls and temples are a monumental treat and you can cover them all easily on foot. The stage was impressive, boasting a world-class sound system, but most suprising was that everything was so CLEAN! If you want to impress, then take your loved one to this magical city. Read the rest her.

  • rovinjCroatia is recognized as the cleanest Eastern European country

    The protection of the environment in modern hi-tech world of 21 century and the growing threat of global warming has become one of the most urgent themes. Each year, Yale University and Columbia University conduct thorough research in 140 countries at 25 different categories, ranging from water and air quality to biological diversity, duration of life and use of pesticides.
    Based on this study is created a unique system of ranking EPI that as accurately as possible reflects the ecological situation in the world.
    Western Europe: Switzerland
    Widely known for the largest banks, luxurious ski resorts and the magnificent cheese, is also the cleanest country in the world. Eight key points necessary for the research, including such indicators as sanitation, water quality, forest and regulation of the use of pesticides, Switzerland has scored the maximum possible number of points. Also here is one of the highest in Europe, levels of life expectancy of 81 year. Thus, thanks to its splendid landscapes, luxury resorts and the highest index of EPI Switzerland is today one of the most favorable countries for leisure and recreation.
    Eastern Europe: Croatia
    Situated on the picturesque shore of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is one of the most beautiful Eastern European tourist resorts. According to a study conducted by Yale University, Croatia is also the 20th cleanest country in the world and the cleanest Eastern European country. Beautiful unspoiled beaches of the Adriatic coast, clean water and excellent fishing year are attracting many tourists from all over the Eurasian continent.

  • rovinj
    Croatia has second cleanest beaches in Europe

    Croatia, which is famous by its crystal clear waters and stunning beaches, continues active work on maintaining the status of one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in Europe. Before the coming tourist season Croatian authorities have begun to check water quality and beaches of the Adriatic Sea.    
    Regular inspections will be held from May to September and cover the whole Croatian coast. Different tests in 906 most visited places from Dubrovnik to Istria will be carried out as part of the study.   
    To analyze the cleanliness of the Adriatic Sea Croatian experts will carry out numerous studies of water quality and microbiological tests, where will be taken into account salinity, water and air temperature, as well as a number of other characteristics.        
    According to the Croatia Times, water tests on the Adriatic Sea have already began in some Croatian districts. Samples were taken at 59 different locations of the Primorsko Goranska county. The collected specimens will be thoroughly tested in the laboratory of the Public health care institute.       
    More than 95% of Croatian beaches are awarded with blue flags. It should also be noted that last year Croatia held the second place in purity of seaside resorts among 30 European countries following Cyprus.

  • rovinj
    Croatia number one destination for British tourists in 2012

    Croatia is the most coveted Western european traveller destination for English folk in 2012, according to information distributed lately by the most important UK tour operator, Thomson UK.

    Demand for Croatian destinations is 55 per cent higher than at the very same time last year, the Croatian Visitor Board reports. Of all the destinations listed in Thomson UK’s catalogue, Croatia was the sole country whose recognition increased. Croatia has increasingly become a popular destination for the Brits, who during the past traditionally rushed to Spanish resorts.

    In Croatia, where the Mediterranean, the mountains and the Pannonian plains come together in a unique harmony of natural beauty, within just a bit more than a hundred kilometres, you can come across excitingly different landscapes.

    The Adriatic, with one of the most indented shores in Europe with its 1,185 islands and islets, of which only 66 are inhabited, is no doubt the most popular holiday maker destination. Continental Croatia nevertheless , also is common in beauty : it is a land of forests, rivers rich in fish, swift mountain streams and deep gorges of Gorski Kotar, and the wonderful Plitvice Lakes in Lika. It’s a land of golden wheat fields, oak woods and wide rivers of Slavonia and Baranja, a land of quaint tiny towns, romantic castles and manors, and beautiful rolling hills and vineyards of the Croatian Zagorje.

  • rovinj
    Zagreb's sites and attractions on Chinesse national television

    The whole of China recently enjoyed two major attractions of the city of Zagreb the Museum of Broken Relationships and the Honor guard of the cravat regiment. The two big reports were broadcast on Chinese national television, on the news channel CCTV13, regularly viewed by about 1.3 billion Chinese people. The reportage about the Honor guard of the cravat regiment was shown twice and on the Chinese International Channel CCTV4 it was shown in English and Russian and can be watched worldwide. The Cravat regiment promotes an original Croatian product - an important part of the male wardrobe in the whole world. The cravat or tie, whose forerunner was a scarf, worn during the Thirty Year War in the seventeenth century as part of the uniform worn by members of the Croatian light cavalry, who in 1664 joined the French royal army. It was then that the Croatian regiment was founded under the name "Royal Cravates". Read more

  • rovinj
    Americans promote Croatia as hit destination

    "This future hit destination is cheaper than other countries in Western Europe, but is no less attractive in terms of beauty" - This is the sentence that begins an article written about Croatia on popular U.S internet site, Mother Nature Network.
    Mother Nature Network has praised Croatia's natural beauty and promotes it as a must see destination for all tourists.
    The article goes onto to talk about the magical historical charm of the country and its accommodation, in particular Hotel Park in the Dalmatian city of Split, which they say manages to maintain a Mediterranean atmosphere whist having classic style.
    The well known site also complimented Croatian cuisine, especially domestic fruit and vegetables available at the local markets. Mother Nature Network website selected Croatia as the best destination of the week, reported portal Tportal.

  • rovinjCroatia develops diving tourism

    Thousands of sunken ships and hundreds of unexplored underwater caves attract an increasing number of tourists on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. With such attractions for the past 10 years diving tourism in Croatia increased by 20 percent.
    Croatian Adriatic coast has become one of the most popular destinations for many European tourists, attracted to this region by the most valuable historical sites, superb beaches and pastoral fishing villages. Recently, however, the coast of Croatia has also attracts a very large number of divers, thanks to its crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea and the unique wildlife, hidden beneath the surface of the water. According to the Tourist Association of Croatia for the last 10 years diving tourism on the Adriatic coast rose to 20 percent.
    One of the main attractions of the Adriatic Sea for divers is numerous unexplored caves and subsurface cracks. According to the Tourist Association, in the coastal waters of Croatia are not less than 1500 caves and more than 15,000 varieties of sunken ships, yachts, planes and submarines.
    Thanks to the growing interest of divers the coastal areas of the Adriatic Sea show a substantial increase of building professional diving centers. Among the most developed regions are Istria, Central Dalmatia and Kvarner.
    According to the information provided by the Tourist Association of Croatia, there are no plans to introduce any prohibitions and restrictions on the dive tourism in the near future. Fans of deep dives can explore virtually every corner of the Adriatic Sea, dive in underwater caves and shipwrecks to explore in Croatian waters with professional diving instructor.
    It should be noted however, that small Adriatic area are closed to tourists in order to preserve some of the unique nature reserves. Diving in these areas may be allowed by a special permission. Download Dive Croatia and Diving Istria her.

  • rovinjWill a branch of the Guggenheim Museum be opened in Pula or Croatia?

    It is possible that in the next few years it will become even more popular to go on vacation in Croatia not only thanks to the clear sea and picturesque nature. Croatia is preparing to become the next country, where will be opened a branch of the famous Guggenheim Museum. The plans of American investors include opening of a branch of the famous Guggenheim Museum in Istria, more precisely, in the town of Pula. To date, the Guggenheim Museum in New York is one of the most famous museums of modern art in the world. It has several subsidiaries: in Venice, Bilbao and Berlin. Travel Center of Istria in Pula is considered as one of the possible places of opening of another branch of the museum. In the near future may appear three more branches - in Abu Dhabi, During a brief tour of Istria, which ended on June 13, 2010, representatives of the American G2 Investment Group determined the promising place to build a museum in Pula. As noted by the administration of Istria, a final proposal from Americans authorities is yet to come. As planned, U.S. investors will finance the construction of the new museum. Most likely the Guggenheim Museum branch in Croatia is to be built in Pula on port premises. The museum will take the place of the former army barracks, which are now abandoned. The town and resort of Pula is known as one of the priority places for recreation in Croatia. It is the largest city in Istria and one of the largest ports in Croatia. The city is famous for its numerous attractions, which it managed to preserve since the days of domination of the Roman Empire. It should be noted that Pula is not the only candidate who pretends to the construction of a branch of Guggenheim museum. At various times, as possible sites were considered Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai. Nevertheless, Pula authorities are confident that this time they will be able to get the branch of the museum, which represents one of the richest collections of contemporary art in the world.