A few words about us

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    ViaKon is Danish owned company offering Destination Management, apartment and house rental, excursions, guided city tours In Istria/Croatia. If you own a holiday apartment or house in Pula or Istria region, we would be happy to rent it for you. We can also provide cleaning service, payment of the bills etc. Should you wish to sell or by property in Pula region we can save you a lot of time and money by assisting you troughout the whole process. The idea behind the name "ViaKon" came from our accountant Dunja. She used Latin word "Via" together with word "Kon", which is a part of the name of Viakons founder.
  • Why choose Us?


    Because we are highly specialized in Istria, Plitvice and Zagreb region and have great knowledge of local history, sources and infrastructure. Because we are different in a good way and because we give great value for money and top quality of all our services. We are at your disposal when you need us. If you need assistance of any kind, we will do our outmost to provide it.



    What do we offer?

    archWe offer: destination management, apartment and house rental, half and whole day excursions, guided city tours, and other events. We have very affordable apartments in Pula, Premantura, Rovinj, rest of the Istria and in Zagreb. Apartment prices are usually much lower than hotel prices and you get 40-50 m2. We can make sure that you get best possible service for lowest possible price. For further information please use the contact form above.



    How to contact us

    To get in touch with us please use the Contact form above.

    In case of booking the apartments, dental or other medical services, all correspondence must be by mail in order for us to have the correspondence history . Thank You.